Public Art Company is Giving a Space for Fellow Creatives to Get Inspired

Looking for a creative place to work? Check out Public Art Company. Located at 1100 N. 2nd Street, Public Art Company is a creative agency, screen printing shop, marketplace selling local products and a destination for the community to come work. The front section of the building is open to the public to come work, hang out and collaborate with other creative minds.

The company is co-owned by Dustin Bryson and Jordan Moler, who combined their individual talents and aspirations into one space to grow their business and connect with the neighborhood.

Baby Steps

When Moler’s previous workplace closed down, he was left with screen printing equipment and his design skills. At that point, he started his own personal brand called JT Moler Design Company. This gave him the opportunity to work from home while caring for the foster kids he and his wife were hosting and have since adopted.

After Moler began to get in the groove of his new business, he realized he wanted to change his company’s name to something more meaningful and easier to fit on a T-shirt. In November 2018, the business officially became Public Art Company. He included the word public in the name to enhance the idea of bringing people together. To Moler, the word art was general enough and would allow him to say yes to any project that uses his creative skills.

The Perfect Match

Bryson had lived all around the U.S. pursuing his passions of film and digital photography and videography. Once he and his family landed in St. Charles, he started his own brand called Wander that creates books and other merchandise to encourage people to explore St. Louis.

When he had the idea of creating a map showing all the coffee shops in the St. Louis area, he hired Moler to design and print the map for him. Since the first meeting to discuss their collaboration for the coffee shop map, Bryson and Moler’s partnership grew stronger.

“I knew from the first time I met him that I had to work with this guy,” Bryson explained.

After working separately out of their own basements, Bryson and Moler joined their talents in early 2019 under the name Public Art Company. They combined Moler’s love for design and apparel and Bryson’s passions for a photo, video and books to start this creative agency.

Starting in Frenchtown

Bryson lives near the Frenchtown neighborhood and would often walk 2nd Street. He was fascinated with the architecture and history of the community.

“We always wanted to be down here,” Bryson said. “The urban, gritty nature is who we are.”

Moler had an equal fascination with Frenchtown saying that he often drove through the area when he was a delivery truck driver. When Bryson spotted a for lease sign at 1100 N. 2nd Street, they knew they had found the spot to grow their small business.

“I always felt like Frenchtown has this untouched potential that nothing else in St. Charles has,” Moler said.

Living the Dream

The two had a vision for their new agency space–to provide a spot for other creatives to connect, collaborate and work. They strive to keep all of the products and services they offer local. Currently, they sell Fitz’s Soda and Stump Coffee for people to sip on while they work in the front of their agency.

In the near future, Public Art Co. plans to get a community table for people to comfortably sit with laptops. They also have plans for hosting workshops in the space based around all kinds of creative education. In the far future, Bryson and Moler hope to be able to rent out their equipment to give people the chance to explore their talents without making big purchases themselves.

See the Public Art Co. website and Facebook page to keep up with their upcoming space updates, merchandise items, and books.




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