Frenchtown Great Streets Update

A letter from the Team Project Manager of the Frenchtown Great Streets Project.

March 24, 2020

Dear Community Partners and Stakeholders:

As many of you know, communities across the country are exercising great caution and practicing social distancing, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in response to the current COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic. The Frenchtown Great Streets Consultant Team, in collaboration and cooperation with East-West Gateway, the Mayor and the City and County of St. Charles, wants you to know that we also value the health and safety of our community partners, members and stakeholders who have diligently worked with us during this planning initiative. Effective immediately the project team will modify its engagement approach for the remainder of the project and move to one that is primarily online.

We recognize and understand that this method of engagement may limit participation of those who may not have internet access. Our project team is working hard to come up with methods that would allow all interested individuals to stay involved. We believe that this switch is the best decision to ensure the health and safety of the City’s and County’s residents, maintain project funding and meet our June 15, 2020 deadline for a completed project. Should you or someone you know need an alternate option, please have them contact MaryAnn Taylor Crate of Added Dimension, LLC at (636) 410-4185.

We truly value and appreciate your input and support. We ask that you continue to stay engaged and plan on continuing to participate in the process through our upcoming virtual meetings. There are still a couple of critical items we need and require your input on as we finalize our recommendations and design concepts for future implementation. Our project team will continue to utilize the City’s website, e-newsletter and social media to send out electronic notifications about forthcoming virtual sessions and opportunities. Please continue to share this information throughout the community through your website or social media as well as within your organization and/or group. Our goal is still to deliver a plan that is reflective and built upon a shared community vision that you have helped to shape.

Thank you for your continued support and hope you will remain engaged in process during this time when we must all work together to keep our communities healthy and safe.

Best Regards,

Paul Squadrito
Technical Principal & Consultant Team Project Manager
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