March 2019 – Meeting Minutes

Frenchtown Revitalization Partnership
Meeting Minutes
March 8, 2019 at 10:00 am
St. Charles City Hall, Conference Room A

Meeting Attendees

Susan Sams
Ed Akers
Scott Tate
Sherilyn Blair
Steve Merritt
Kate Manfull
Roger Ellis
Chris Shae
Melissa Whitwam
Jason Orf
Keith Lutz
Alex Reichert
Bob Adams
Michelle Beucke
Thomas Douglas (Tri Star)
Councilman Tom Besselman

City Staff

Bruce Evans
Beth Norviel
Brad Temme
Travis Wilson
Don Stolberg
Susie King

I. Call to Order: Ed Akers called the meeting to order at 10:03 am.

II. State of the Partnership: Ed stated that the Partnership is an advisory group. Any recommendations made by the Partnership per the HyettPalma Study will be submitted to the City Council for consideration.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting: Scott Tate made a motion and seconded by Alex Reichert, that the minutes of the February 8, 2019, meeting be approved. All in favor.

IV. Zoning: Discussion followed on Zoning and concentrated on:

a. #6 – In Vehicle Sales or Service – After discussion, a vote was held. It was recommended that this use remain a conditional use as it is now.

b. #10 – Passenger Vehicle or Motorcycle Sales, rental, service, detailing, body and fender repair and/or spray painting. It was stated as a reminder if existing businesses are deleted from the zoning district they will be grandfathered in but they will not be able to change or expand. If an existing business is closed for a year or more, the grandfather clause does not apply. After discussion, a vote was held and it was decided that vehicle sales will no longer be allowed but short-term rentals will be allowed as a conditional use with limitations. Bruce will draft verbiage per recommendations of the Partnership.

c. Tattoos – After discussion, a vote was held. It was recommended that tattoo shops be added to the Frenchtown zoning district as a conditional use. Bruce will check with the City’s Legal Department for direction on whether it is allowable to delete the requirement that the operator of a tattoo shop have a medical license in the Frenchtown zoning district only.

d. Street Performers/Buskers and Murals/Art in Crosswalks – Discussion followed, Bruce will review the City’s zoning ordinance to see if these topics are addressed.

V. Marketing – Kate Manfull reported that she, Keith and Scott attended a Historic Frenchtown Association (HFA) Meeting and made a presentation regarding combining marketing platforms for the HFA and the Partnership. After discussion, it was recommended to move forward with separate marketing campaigns. The marketing will be similar to the HFA and the platforms will promote and link to each other but will remain separate.

VI. Great Streets – Brad Temme announced that Second Street in Frenchtown has been accepted by the East-West Gateway Great Streets Initiative. This should trigger economic growth and will provide for contributions of $400,000 from East-West Gateway; $50,000 from St. Charles County; and $50,000 from St. Charles City, for improvements and upgrades. More info about the Initiative can be found at: Public meetings will be hosted once the process is underway.

VII. New Business – Alex Reichert distributed the Historic Frenchtown Zoning Survey Results from the HFA meeting attendees. He asked the Partnership to review and evaluate the results and discuss further at the next meeting. Options for relaying topics of discussion at the Partnership meetings to Frenchtown residents was discussed. There was discussion related to the City providing additional funding for Frenchtown.

VIII. Old Business – There was none.

IX. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm

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