January 2019 – Meeting Minutes

Frenchtown Revitalization Partnership
Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2019 @ 10:00 am
St. Charles City Hall, Conference Room A

Meeting Attendees

Sherilyn Blair
Susan Sams
Ed Akers
Scott Tate
Steve Merritt
Kate Manfull
Melissa Whitwam
Jason Orf
Keith Lutz
Alex Reichert
Bob Tipton
Bob Adams
Thomas Douglas (Tri Star)
Rod Thomas (Tri Star)

City Staff

Bruce Evans
Beth Norviel
Jeremy Lutgen
Travis Wilson
Susie King

  1. Call to Order. Sherilyn called the meeting to order at 10:03 am. Bruce Evans gave an overview of the status and role of the Frenchtown Revitalization Partnership (FRP). He stated the FRP is not an official city board or commission, rather it is an advisory board that will make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on how to carry out the HyettPalma 2019 Audit. He outlined the City’s budget process and the timeline required for expenditures. Bruce recommended frequent updates to Council to keep them aware of the FRP’s goals and activities. Members of the FRP will attend the March 12th Work Session to make a presentation to Council. Bruce said the FRP is probably not subject to Sunshine Laws but he recommended full transparency in everything the FRP does.
  2. Rod Thomas Presentation. Rod Thomas appeared before the FRP. Mr. Thomas is an investor who owns the Jerry Kelly building and the Old Franklin School. He believes the Frenchtown area has latent potential for development and he is waiting for the approval of Historic Tax Credits to begin development on his properties. He is planning mixed use in the Jerry Kelly building with retail/office on the first floor with residential units above. The school has potential for a tech incubator, mixed retail or other commercial use. There was discussion related to the need for a community center in Frenchtown. Mr. Thomas has also purchased the old wine garden at 1219 S. Main. Discussion followed.
  3. Marketing Sub Committee Update. Kate Manfull gave an update on the Marketing Sub Committee. She and Keith Lutz have been working to develop a website with a visually consistent brand that would establish conversation between residents, business owners, visitors, and potential investors. She could build out the current Historic Frenchtown Association (HFA) website to focus outward on historic events and also showcase current events, places of interest and the promote the HFA. Kate will present her plan at the next HFA meeting so the membership can vote on whether to incorporate the current website.
    There was further discussion relative to the HFA with regard to dues and the benefits of membership. Further discussion will take place at the HFA meeting.
  4. Zoning Discussion. Bruce Evans began the zoning discussion and recommended that the group keep the existing boundaries of the Frenchtown Historic Commercial District (FHCD) for now and consider possibly extend the district boundaries at a later date. He presented a copy of the Zoning Code and explained Permitted Uses, Conditional Uses, and Non-conforming Uses. He explained that the zoning code can attract the right mix of businesses and uses and discourage development of uses that are not desirable. It’s important to strike a balance between being too restrictive and allowing too many types of uses. Discussion followed. It was decided that before the next meeting, everyone should go through the existing FHCD Zoning Code and decide what they believe should be allowed and what uses should be Permitted, Conditional, and Non-Conforming. They will send their notes to Sherilyn and the discussion will continue at the February meeting.
  5. Adjourn. Bob Tipton made a motion and seconded by Jason Orf, that the meeting be adjourned. The meeting was adjourned at 12:00.



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