Frenchtown Revitalization Task Force Visits Waterloo

The Main Street of Waterloo, Illinois is filled with small shops, unique restaurants, community events and local microbreweries. Restaurants, bars and microbreweries like Hopseller, Stubborn German, Vintage Wine Bar, Uncle John’s RRR Bar, Shorty’s Smokehouse and Bean Tree Cafe are what make the dining and nightlife stand out in this small city. Their modern decor and amenities mixed with the street’s historic attractions keep locals and visitors coming back for more.

Frenchtown Learns from Other Historic Areas

Shortly after being sworn into office, Mayor, Dan Borgmeyer, reached out Waterloo Mayor, Tom Smith, to arrange the meeting after hearing him interview about their revitalization efforts on a local radio broadcast.

Mayor Borgmeyer, Councilwoman Mary Ann Ohms, and members of the Frenchtown Revitalization Task Force visited with investors and city officials of Waterloo, Illinois, to discuss and learn about what they did to revitalize their historic downtown.

Borgmeyer and the Task Force are considering similar visits to other communities to discover how they can learn from ideas and make revitalization possible for Frenchtown.

“I am happy I went,” said Scott Tate, Task Force member and president & CEO of the Greater St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce. “If not for this, I probably would never have visited Waterloo. City officials have done an amazing job of attracting business and investment to their downtown area. These are the same types of development opportunities and businesses we have and want for the Frenchtown Historic District.”

For more information on opening a business in the Frenchtown Historic District, contact Scott Tate at scott@gstccc.com or (636) 946-0633.




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