Climb So Ill Set to Open in the Spring of 2020 in Frenchtown

With tall ceilings and plenty of space, the old Steel Shop here in Frenchtown is the ideal spot for Climb So iLL’s newest location. The modern-style indoor rock climbing gym is set to open their new location at 650 North Main Center in suite 105 later this year. Currently, they have a location at 1419 Carroll Street in St. Louis.

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A Climber’s World

Brothers, David and Daniel Chancellor, started their journey by creating So iLL Holds, a climbing and adventure brand that sells holds, shoes, apparel and other goods for the avid climber. After collecting extensive knowledge of climbing and working with many gym managers, the brothers decided to open their own climbing gym in St. Louis in 2012.

Two close friends, Ian Anderson and Yusuf Daneshyar, joined the brothers in opening this new business. Anderson and Daneshyar had years of climbing experience much like the Chancellor brothers and became a natural fit for the team.

“The climbing gym was a natural offshoot,” marketing director, Taylor Ashford, said. “It was an exciting opportunity to connect with people on a more ground level.”

Architectural Contrast

Both Climb So iLL locations are stationed in historic buildings. The current location is at St. Louis’ old City Hospital’s Power Plant. The love for mixing modern structures, colors and facilities with historic architecture is what pushed the gym to open their second location at the old Steel Shop.

“We just think it’s important to revitalize and utilize spaces like [the old Steel Shop] that might otherwise go unused or might not see their full potential,” Ashford explained.

Reaching New Heights

With a space almost three times larger than the original, the gym has a lot of room to grow and experiment with new amenities. Climbers in the St. Charles area can expect to see:

  • The Gravity Lab that serves as a dedicated climbing area for children and groups..
  • An ongoing, daily yoga program.
  • More climbing square footage.
  • Expanded retail.
  • Full fitness offerings.

Although there is no set opening day, the gym is still expected to open its doors to the community in the spring of 2020.

Ashford said, “We like St. Charles, because it has already proven to be a very welcoming community.”





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