An Inside Look at Roses & Mint’s Newly-Opened Frenchtown Studio

The smell of fresh flowers fills the air as floral artists craft arrangements inside Roses & Mint Florals located at 810 N 2nd Street. The Roses & Mint team, led by owner Kira Mulvany, creates fine, custom floral designs for a variety of events and brides to be. In August 2019, their studio opened in Frenchtown.

Seeds Planted

Growing up, Mulvany was inspired by both of her grandmothers–one a florist and the other a business owner since the age of 16. Mulvany was surrounded by flowers and strong, creative women. Naturally, flowers became a creative outlet for her as she got older, and led her to launch Roses & Mint about six years ago.

The business started out of her home and then moved into a studio space in Newtown St. Charles. Growing quickly, Roses & Mint started to outgrow that space and Mulvany started to search for something new.

“We wanted to make one last move to our forever home and we have always been totally obsessed with Frenchtown and Main Street and knew that we would love to be in this space,” Mulvany said.

Growing Roots

Mulvany’s search was complete when she found their new 7,500-square-foot location in Frenchtown from her previous 1,200-square-foot space in Newtown.

“When we first walked in we knew how magical the building was and that it was totally it for us,” Mulvany said.

After signing on the building, it was time to get to work. Mulvany noted the building was brown, dark and cluttered. After cleaning out the space, it was time to tackle the exterior. Half of the building was brick and the other half was rotted wood. Since they could not match the original brick they added new brick. They even added an extension to the top of the building with their signage so it would be closer to the height of neighboring buildings. When you drive by today, you’ll see the completed exterior painted white.

Updates to the space also included:

  • An overall paint job.
  • New bathrooms and plumbing.
  • A kitchenette.
  • Leveling out the concrete.
  • A new patio.
  • An HVAC system and new electric.
  • New windows and glass garage doors.

Once the space began to come together, Mulvany and her team could feel the new and exciting changes coming their way with the new location.

“We have never been a part of an active neighborhood and community before and we felt that change almost immediately,” creative director, Sarah Kelly, explained.

In Full Bloom

Since they opened their Frenchtown location, Roses & Mint has launched a new a la carte collection so brides of all budgets can work with their floral artists. They also plan to host more workshops so the community can learn ways to incorporate flowers into their daily lives.

The team is particularly looking forward to hosting their annual open house in the new space that will happen in March. They will mock up bouquets and centerpieces for brides to test out. With the extra room, they’ll be able to create larger installations and give guests more space to mingle.

“It’s fun because [brides] get to meet the design team and see the hands and hearts that touch their flowers for their big day,” Kelly said.

As far as what you can expect to see in the future, Mulvany plans to eventually open a stem bar, featuring the best blooms of each season. The goal of the stem bar is to share the experience of flowers in everyone’s life.

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