250 Years of St. Charles: A Look Back at History

Immerse yourself in history now through Sept. 13 at the Foundry Art Centre with the 250 Years of St. Charles Exhibition, offering a look at the rich architectural history of the area. The exhibition is free to attend during Foundry hours in Gallery III.

The exhibition was chosen in recognition of the 250th celebration of St. Charles and is displayed during Architectonic, another exhibition currently on display that focuses on architectural elements in the artwork. With the iconic and beautiful architecture of St. Charles, the 250 Years of St. Charles Exhibition complimented Architectonic perfectly.

Piecing Together the Past

All blueprints, etchings, drawings, paintings, and photographs in the exhibition were obtained by the St. Charles Historical Society, Frenchtown Heritage Museum, local artists and Foundry artists. The event was curated by the Foundry’s exhibitions manager, Natalie Tucker, who worked with the historical societies and artists to collect and connect the pieces of the history of St. Charles. Tucker describes her journey curating this event as, “an amazing experience.”

“I love history and I love art so it was just a really fun experience to learn so much about the town I grew up in and dive in to try and solve the mysteries of how things are connected and why they are important,” Tucker said.

Foundry artist Natalie Schloss was one of the artists who participated in the exhibition. Much of her work depicts iconic St. Louis and St. Charles’ landmarks that complimented the goals of the exhibition. Tucker asked Schloss to create pieces to fill in her gaps. Schloss specifically painted the old post office, old City Hall and the old log church for the exhibition, but has multiple other pieces she had previously made in the show.

Schloss believes paintings of architecture are important because she can choose the time of day, season and overall mood of the work to represent the environment as she sees fit.

“Someone could go around Main Street or St. Charles and take photographs of those places, but with my paintings, I’m trying to convey things that you don’t necessarily see in a photograph,” Schloss said.

A Look Back at Frenchtown

When visiting the exhibition, you’ll find a section dedicated to the history of Frenchtown. The section focuses on the areas with traditional French colonial architecture and historic sightings. Artists featured in this section include individuals from the St. Charles Historical Society, the Frenchtown Heritage Museum and local artist, Lois Prettyman.

Stop in until Sept. 13 to see the 250 Years of St. Charles and Architectonic exhibitions. Mark your calendars for Local History Night on Aug. 21 where Maureen Bouxsein will talk about the importance of architecture to the history of the town. Anyone in the community is invited to this free event to surround themselves in history while enjoying coffee and cookies.




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