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About Wedding Gallery

Wedding Gallery has over 15 year experience in the gown industry. Their wedding gowns are proudly made in the U.S. in their local factory in St. Louis. They stock tens of thousands of yards of fabrics and laces in our local factory where they use top of the line computerized sewing machines and advanced software for custom measurements.

Unlike imported gowns, the Wedding Gallery has the ability to make changes, customizations, mix and match and do custom measurements. They offer a “peace of mind” option which offers a custom fit for the day of your wedding with no fear of weight changes. Your gown will fit perfectly.

Overseas factories are thousands of miles away which means many things can happen like a delay in shipment due to weather, stuck in customs due to strikes or import policy changes. Since their gowns are made locally in their factory in St. Louis, they have a guaranteed delivery time.

Their friendly team of professionals are here to help you choose your dream dress in a calm, stress free environment. You will quickly feel at ease with them and realize that there is no pressure and that they really enjoy being attentive to your needs.

Phone: (636) 724-9012

Address: 801 N. 2nd Street, St. Charles, MO

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