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Saint Charles was founded by French settlers in 1769. The Frenchtown area was settled in the late 18th and early 19th centuries by colonists from Canada, Illinois, Louisiana, the Caribbean Islands, Germany and France. The early French homes were vertical log construction on an earthen or stone foundation. The French colonial style featured a gallery or porch, raised basement, gabled roof and laterally aligned floor plan-two rooms wide, one room deep, with outside doors on both rooms. By the middle 1800s, when German immigrants arrived, the exteriors were faced with brick and became cottage style.

The Frenchtown Inn which sits in the heart of Frenchtown on 3rd Street is the Henry Opitz House, ca 1864 is significant for both its 19th Century architecture and its 20th Century history. It is a French colonial house which faces east to the Missouri River, the Opitz family owned the house until the depression days. It was restored in 1982 by the Frenchtown Community Corporation. In 1991 the Frenchtown neighborhood of St. Charles, Missouri, became a National Trust Historic District.

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Address: 1101 N. 3rd Street, St. Charles, MO

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