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About Course Coffee Roasters

Course Coffee is regular people whose journeys have been changed over coffee. They met working at varying shops, shared interests, hardships and growth around coffee. They began traveling and tasting complex roasts and became passionate about refining and sharing this experience with others. They moved from our homes in PA and FL to St. Charles, MO, where they believe is the home of Course(TM) and now theirs. It’s been their experience that coffee is a means to deepen relationships, bring people together to learn, grow and experience hope. They are grateful for where their course has lead and excited to encounter yours.

What’s different about Course?
The intention of their hand-crafted roast is to bring you a pure and quality product, to preserve and develop the unique flavors of each country/region.

They do this through…

  • Small batch roasting, which allows for and relies upon attention, instinct and trade skill rather than technology.
  • Researching, refining and tasting our product to provide stewardship within the trade and practice.
  • Valuing people and building relationships with those producing the crop and those who enjoy each cup.
  • Specifically sourcing their beans from direct trade distributors and building a personal connection with the farms, countries, and organizations to support fair trade and ethical practices.

Phone: (217) 481-6244

Address: 1218 N 2nd St, St Charles

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