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Here in Frenchtown St. Charles we are dedicated to revitalizing this historic district along with helping you find the best places to play, stay, shop and eat in the area. This neighborhood is on a steady growth path due to the Frenchtown Revitalization Task Force. Today, you can explore beautiful hiking and biking trails, antique shops stocked with vintage finds, a bakery filled with sweet treats, a coffee and tea shop housing your favorite brews, local, handcrafted art, and historic and cultural events in our little neighborhood.

Frenchtown Revitalization Task Force

After the Frenchtown Revitalization Partnership dissolved, St. Charles Mayor Dan Borgmeyer campaigned on a promise to revitalize the Frenchtown Historic District. Mayor Borgmeyer took the first step toward making this happen by creating the Frenchtown Revitalization Task Force to replace the previous partnership.

The purpose of the current task force is to work with the mayor, council members and city staff to determine the next steps, establish timelines and goals for the Frenchtown community and revitalize this valuable historic site. Learn more about the Revitalization Task Force ›


Frenchtown Boundaries

The Frenchtown boundaries are roughly defined by numerous borders. Our community website interprets the Frenchtown boundaries as the following (See the map to the left):

  • Hwy 370 to the north
  • Clark Street to the south
  • North 5th Street to the west
  • The Missouri River to the east

Reasons We ♥ Frenchtown

  • Local artists in galleries
  • Unique handpicked vintage goods
  • Sweet treats
  • Local coffee and tea brews
  • Stunning preserved French Colonial architecture
  • Specialty retail shops
  • Charismatic business owners
  • Cultural and family-friendly events
  • Access to the beautiful Katy Trail
  • Access to the St. Charles Trolley
  • Historic bed & breakfasts
  • A creative and edgy arts district
  • Visual arts and music
  • Beautiful Eco Park Trailhead
  • Friendly neighborhood

Fierce Creative Agency, Community Partner

As part of the Frenchtown community, our team at Fierce Creative gives back to the neighborhood by using the professional skills we use with real-life clients every day to support the revitalization efforts. Our expertise in website design and development, graphic design, photography, videography, social strategy, and writing helps us connect with the community and tell the compelling stories of Frenchtown St. Charles. Learn More About Fierce Creative ›

The History of Frenchtown, St. Charles

Frenchtown was founded by the French in 1796 and was named one of four historic districts in St. Charles in 1991. The original settlers were a mix of French Canadians and families of French Canadian descendants.

The name Frenchtown and abundance of French Colonial architecture in the area can be attributed to these early settlers. This historic district holds the largest concentration of the French Colonial style in the midwest.

A thriving commercial district, the neighborhood was originally made up of a closely-related community with a recorded fifteen families. Through this close-knit process real estate was able to be passed freely and frequently creating a long and unique history throughout each building.

Throughout its history, North Second street served as a bustling commercial district. The street was made up of butchers, bakers, tinsmiths and saddle makers. Many lived at the top of the two-story buildings and owned their shops at the bottom. Travelers would stop to stay in the boarding house at the corner of French and Second Streets. Frenchtown is currently rising again as a thriving shopping and arts district, complete with beautifully preserved buildings and homes.

The history of Frenchtown continues to be rediscovered and preserved with the help of the Frenchtown Heritage Museum and Research Center and the Frenchtown Historic Association.


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